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Encore Metal Hip Implant Recall


Encore hip implants are manufactured by Encore Medical, a Texas-based medical device producer.  Like many other manufacturers of hip implants, Encore spent years utilizing metal-on-metal hip replacement technology.  Over the past two decades, it has come to light that these metal-on-metal hip implants carry a number of dangerous side effects.  Thousands of patients equipped with Encore metal hip implants may now require extensive, painful, and expensive surgery to remove or replace their implants, and they may face several painful and debilitating conditions including blood poisoning and neurological disorders.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a defective metal hip replacement device, the experienced medical device defect attorneys at Morris Law Firm are here to help.  Our defective hip implant legal team fights to ensure that patients harmed by dangerous and defective medical devices get the compensation they deserve for the harm suffered by their families and themselves.

The Dangers of Encore Metal Hip Implants

The Encore hip implant is designed with a metal ball secured on the femoral implant which connects to a combination metal and plastic cup.  The metal on the ball interfaces with the metal on the cup.  Over time, the metal parts rub and grind against one another, furthering corrosion of the device and causing metal to escape into the surrounding blood and tissue.  Over time, this increases the levels of metal toxicity in the blood, leading to conditions like metallosis and other forms of metal blood poisoning.

Metal-on-metal hip implants are now known to fail at significantly higher rates than originally disclosed, requiring surgery to remove or replace.  The corrosion of the metal parts can poison the joints, blood, and tissue surrounding the implant, eventually spreading to other parts of the body.  Encore has issued several recalls for its hip implant products over the years.  Patients who have ever had an Encore metal-on-metal implant may still have lasting damage caused by the defective design.

Signs and Symptoms of a Defective Encore Metal Implant

Corroding metal-on-metal hip implants can lead to a number of painful, debilitating conditions and side effects.  These effects can worsen over time, becoming permanent and even deadly.  Signs that your hip implant may not be operating correctly include:

  • Signs of a loosening implant including grinding, squeaking, popping, or clicking
  • Pain in the hip, leg, groin, or joints
  • Difficulties walking, swimming, and otherwise maneuvering the hip
  • Swelling around the implant area or in the nearby hip joint

If your Encore hip implant has corroded over time and has been leaking chromium and cobalt into your blood, you could suffer from many side effects associated with metallosis and other types of blood poisoning.  Signs of metal poisoning include:

  • Circulatory problems
  • Swelling
  • Impairments to kidney functioning
  • Neurological issues caused by limited blood circulation
  • Sensitive skin and rashes
  • Pseudotumors
  • Thyroid problems including weight gain, fatigue, coldness, and neck discomfort
  • Heart damage

The longer the poisoning is allowed to continue, the more dangerous the side effects become.  If you have a metal-on-metal hip implant or if you have any reason to suspect that your Encore implant is problematic, it is extremely important to see a physician for appropriate tests.  Whether your implant has come out of place, failed, or is causing blood poisoning, the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better.  Talk to a dedicated medical device injury lawyer for help receiving compensation for necessary treatment for a defective implant.

Morris Law Firm is Standing By to Investigate and Prosecute Your Encore Hip Device Defect Claims

If you have suffered a personal injury or experienced adverse effects as a result of an Encore metal-on-metal hip replacement or another faulty medical device, contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options. We serve clients nationwide and offer free consultations with no obligation. Morris Law Firm will fight on your behalf to see that justice is served.

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