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When you purchase a product–whether it’s a car, a washing machine, a toy for your kids, or baby powder–you expect the product both to work as intended and to be safe for normal use.  If something is put on the market, it should be safe and do its job as advertised.  Unfortunately, consumer product manufacturers often put products on the market that are defective either as designed, manufactured and/or marketed.

Whether your car has a faulty part, your children’s toy is actually dangerous for children, or your power drill failed to include warnings about common dangers, if you or your family has been hurt by a defective product in California, you deserve to be compensated for the harm you have suffered.  At the Morris Law Firm, we represent victims injured by defective products in Southern California and across the country.  We go toe-to-toe with the biggest corporations, consumer product manufacturers, and insurance companies to ensure that you and your family get the recovery you deserve.

Types of Product Liability Claims

There are a few different ways in which an injured victim can make a claim based on product liability.  The three general types of product liability claims in California include:

  • Design Defect. A design defect claim is appropriate when a consumer product is broken as originally designed.  Purchasers of a particular line of cars may find, for example, that the engine is prone to overheating and causing fires.  The problem may not manifest in every vehicle sold, but the risk of overheating is present in all units sold with the faulty engine part.
  • Manufacturing Defect. A manufacturing defect claim asserts that the product may have been appropriate as designed, but the particular unit acquired by the plaintiff was defective as built and sold.  The company may sell thousands of units with no problem, but a handful of the units have a defect that creates a dangerous risk for consumers.  For example, an auto manufacturer may discover that a number of its vehicles were assembled improperly, creating a risk of an airbag malfunction.  Even though the vehicle and airbag were properly designed, an error in the manufacturing process created a dangerous risk for auto consumers.
  • Advertising or Marketing Defect. Advertising or marketing defects are a bit different than design and manufacturing defects.  A marketing defect claim can be brought when a product performs a function as intended by design, but the company markets the product for a purpose for which it was unsuited (and which was dangerous).  Advertising defect claims can also be brought against a company that sells a product that has a dangerous risk that was undisclosed or not adequately disclosed via warnings or instructions issued with the product.

At the Morris Law Firm, we represent clients injured by defective products whether the product was poorly marketed, poorly designed, or defectively manufactured.  If you have a consumer product that malfunctions and injures you or a loved one, you deserve compensation.  We can help.

Recovering After a Defective Product Injury

If you were hurt by a defective consumer product, you have the right to seek damages from the manufacturer of the product that injured you.  The product liability attorneys at Morris Law Firm help clients recover a range of damages after a defective product injury, including damages for the following:

  • Medical bills already incurred
  • Anticipated future medical costs, including physical therapy, nursing care, and medical devices
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Lost income from inability to work
  • Wrongful death

Get Trusted Advice and Representation from a Dedicated Southern California Defective Products Lawyer at Morris Law Firm

If you or someone you know was injured or killed by a defective product, contact Morris Law Firm today. Our office is located in Los Angeles, California, but we represent clients in other areas of California, and we also serve clients nationwide.

Call us today at 747-283-1144 or fill out the free case evaluation form.

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