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Bus Accident Attorney

Buses are, on the whole, significantly safer than passenger cars. Bus passengers are less likely to be involved in a crash, and much less likely to suffer a fatal injury. Bus accidents do happen, however. Typically, if a bus crashes into another vehicle, the driver and occupants of the other vehicle are likely to suffer much more serious injury. Regardless, bus passengers can, and do, get hurt. Whether you were a bus passenger or the driver of another vehicle that was struck by a bus, if you were injured in a bus crash in Southern California, you have the right to recover compensation for your injuries.

The traffic accident injury legal team at the Morris Law Firm is ready to help you and your family get the recovery you deserve after your Los Angeles bus crash. Whether your injuries were caused by a negligent bus driver, a cost-cutting transit company, a reckless auto driver, or any other party, we’ll fight to make sure you are paid for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

What Causes Bus Accidents?

Morris Law Firm helps bus accident injury victims recover compensation from negligent bus drivers, mass transit companies, city agencies, and other reckless drivers. Determining who is liable after a bus accident requires uncovering how and why the accident occurred. There are many reasons why bus accidents happen, including factors unique to bus driving that create additional risks:

  • Distracted Driving. Bus drivers are subject to the same distractions that other drivers face–texting, reading, etc. Bus drivers also have to contend with unruly or overly-talkative passengers and several other distractions. Drivers who sit behind the wheel all day are at especially high risk of succumbing to distractions. As with driving any other vehicle, driving a bus while distracted is dangerous for all parties.
  • Drunk Driving. Bus drivers are not immune from drunk driving propensities, unfortunately. Charter bus drivers might try to alleviate the tedium or weariness of long hours by supplementing with alcohol or drugs, sapping their ability to properly pay attention and react to hazards on the road. Drunk or drugged bus drivers pose a serious risk to their passengers and everyone else on the road.
  • Poor Bus Maintenance. Buses can malfunction, just like any other vehicle. Transit companies sometimes intentionally purchase older or cheaper buses or bus parts to save on cost. They may neglect to conduct regular maintenance of their fleet.
  • Defective Bus Part. Sometimes, the manufacturer is to blame. If a bus is designed or constructed improperly, an accident can result. A bus might be equipped with faulty steering, weak or slippery tires, loose handrails, brakes prone to failure, an engine with an inefficient cooling system, or any number of other defects. The manufacturer of the bus, the defective part, or the transit company may be to blame for letting a defective bus onto the road.
  • Lack of Training. Driving a bus requires specialized training and education, and obtaining a special driver’s license. Drivers who lack the requisite training, or who are simply inexperienced, are more prone to mistakes–they are more likely to take reckless risks like speeding or passing, and they are more likely to make mistakes in the split-second before an accident may or may not occur. Bus companies might intentionally hire poorly trained or inexperienced drivers to cut costs. If the driver’s employer knowingly hired someone who was not qualified for the job, they can and should be held responsible.
  • Inclement Road and Weather Conditions. Buses are top-heavy vehicles prone to loss of control and rolling over. When the roads are wet or icy, the risks of a rollover accident or other traffic crash are compounded. Bus drivers operating in rain, snow, ice, or fog must use skill and care to avoid losing control.
  • Other Drivers. It’s not always the fault of the bus driver or their employer when a bus accident happens. Buses face the same risks as other cars on the road–namely, negligent or reckless drivers. If you’re in a bus that is struck by a drunk, distracted, or otherwise negligent driver, and you suffer injury as a result, you have a claim against the at-fault driver. Likewise, if an aggressive driver tries to pass a bus while it lets passengers disembark, leading to a pedestrian accident, you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Call Morris Law Firm for Help With a Bus Accident Injury Claim in Los Angeles or Southern California

Bus accidents can happen for any number of reasons, and obtaining compensation from the right party after a bus crash can be a complex process requiring individualized, dedicated effort. Contact our Los Angeles bus accident attorney today to evaluate your unique auto injury claim. Morris Law Firm will give you a personalized evaluation and help you figure out your legal rights and next steps.

Call us today at 747-283-1144 for a fast response or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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